A Hybrid Bike?

Riding a bike is as easy as, well as easy as riding a bike. There’s a reason for the expression that says once you learn to ride a bike you never forget it. That muscle memory never really leaves us, even if we stop riding a bike after we grow up. But if you are thinking of returning to riding a bike as an adult, you may want to consider if a hybrid bike is the better choice for you. There are a number of reasons.

Reasons to Get a Hybrid Bike

  • Return to Biking

    While you may look at some of those fancy speed racing bikes with interest, a hybrid bike might just be the way to get back into biking that’s a bit easier on your wallet. While fancy beach cruisers have gone up in price and many racing bikes are almost as much as a car, hybrid bikes remain an exceptionally descent value.

  • Best of Biking

    Another reason for considering a hybrid bike is they combine the best traits of three types of bikes: mountain bikes, touring bikes, and cruising bikes. They have the sturdy body of a mountain bike, the upright style of a touring bike with simple handlebars, and the ease of pedal brakes and single gear of a cruising bike.

  • Versatile Use

    If you haven't ridden a bike in quite a few years, you may not be sure how often you will actually use your new one, that is, if you decide to buy it. That’s why a hybrid bike, which is a great bike for occasional riding or those long day cruises, is a good choice. With this bike you don't have to commit to a single use of your bike.

So while you’re looking over all the new bikes at your local bike shop or online at one of the many bike websites, don't forget to check out the hybrid bike. For an avid bike rider that is returning to the fold, hybrid bikes are economical, versatile, and offers the best of all the biking benefits in one package. Test ride one and see for yourself. Also new on the scene is the e bike and e trike, guaranteed to grab your attention.